A partnership for success


" I am halfway through the extensive offering of training modules provided by Brokertrain. As a senior person with extensive experience in staff management and development I can say first hand that this training product is great value. Each module builds on the previous therefore reinforcing the learning of the business fundamentals and skills. Whether a person is new or experienced, there is something to be gained. It is at the very least a fantastic refresher however I suspect no one person would have all the skills and learning's
offered. I would recommend this to any 3PL looking to grow their business and or staff accordingly. "

Lorraine Koehler
HR and Compliance for DSN
Chemical Transportation

" I am As the sales manager of a young 3PL, I am constantly trying to find new information or training that can help to give our company any kind of an edge over the competition. Brokertrain is a great asset for that. There is so much knowledge and information in the online courses. From Customer Service to Pricing to Sales to Marketing. I have not make it all the way through them all yet but I would recommend Brokertrain to any sales person who is willing to invest in themselves. Great price, Great Value. "

Aaron Schweitzer
Sales Manager-Chief Problem Solver
Legion Logistics

" Thanks so much! Your training is always such a breath of fresh air! I want to turn on the theme song from Rocky and conquer the world! Your techniques have really made a difference in my approach the last few days and made MY job soooo much more enjoyable! I really appreciate your knowledge, especially that you are associated with the industry rather than a generalized method. I look forward to the next training. I am determined to hit the 100K club next month! "

Jamie Ray
Sales Account Manager
Cargo Chief, Inc.

" I have to tell you I think the trainings are awesome!!! I’ve gone through both the customer service and just started on relationship building, these trainings are loaded with valuable information and I’m very happy we purchased these for the employees. Very well put together and easy to understand, great job! "

Shana Monroe
Operations Manager
Sunteck Transport

" I was frankly amazed at how quickly they were able to get to the heart of my company. Through implementing the recommendations that they provided in their assessment, it’s easy to see how quickly I can double the value of my business by making it everything it should have been anyhow. Spending a few thousand dollars to get million dollar benefit is a smart investment. "

Keith Gibson
Integrity Logistics

" TranStrategy has been a great investment for me, my people and my company. TranStrategy has really helped us clarify and crystallize our focus. We have worked on areas such as; sales, marketing, operations, financing and human resources’. This has helped us tremendously in our customer retention, employee relations and our profitability. I would recommend TranStrategy to anyone serious about improving their business. "

Greg Roush
Owner, Matador Logistics

" I was skeptical at first when I learned of TranStrategy/Hubtek, just another company that does not know about my business. But after the first meeting, I knew these guys knew the issues facing transportation companies. They completed an assessment of our business that was right on, and now I am managing smarter because of it. It changed the way I manage my business and gave me insights that I never would have obtained on my own. And the coaching is great, because now I have an outlet to discuss my issues with someone that understands the transportation business. I would highly recommend for any company to go through the process. For the cost, it is one of the best business tools that I have invested in. "

Phil Sneed
Tandem Logistics, Inc.

" It has helped us bring belief back into our organization and helped us create the system that is delivering success. The training is great… "

Doug Kimmerly
DSN Chemical Transportation

" If you have not talked with TranStrategy/Hubtek, make it one of the first things you do. Hubtek employs very bright guys with amazing industry knowledge. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, within transportation or out, get to know Hubtek. It will be one of your best decisions. "

Bruce McGonnigal
CEO at Eagle Transportation

" As office manager of the accounting department of a refrigerated transportation brokerage company, I am often out of the loop in regards to language, ideas and goals of growing our brokerage company. Taking these courses really helped me to understand what our dispatch department does to obtain great customers, carriers and drivers. It will help me to be able to help them with more knowledge of the business and I can follow thru the ideas I learned with accounting questions these customers, carriers and drivers have. "

Ann Mota
Office Manager
Brent Redmond Transportation

" We have developed and implemented substantial improvements to our operations, sales, and marketing processes… "

Michael McKinney
AM Transport

" Joel is a terrific coach, mentor and friend. I highly recommend Hubtek to any 3PL looking to jump start their business! "

Bob Skane
President, Matchmaker Logistics, Inc.

" I recently transitioned from our HR department to a role on the sales floor. In preparation for this move, I started the Brokertrain courses about 4 weeks ago and have found the material to be invaluable as I've started calling on customers and booking trucks. Being in this new position, I am certain these course will help me keep from forming bad habits as I learn the art of freight brokering. I have also found the leadership courses to be beneficial not only professionally, but in my personal life as well. Even though I have
completed the courses, I am certain I will refer back to the modules as I get more comfortable with my new role and have questions or need a refresher. I am thankful that I was able to have this information from the get-go and am certain it will aid in my success with BM2 Freight. Thanks! "

Mollie Bentley
Corporate Account Manager
BM2 Freight Services, Inc.

" The experience and insight into the world of transportation and business in general has been a great help… "

Tom Fiorini
Westgate Global Logistics

" We here at Warren Specialized Logistics have been using Hubtek’s Brokertrain with great success over the past two years! We have experienced over 100% revenue growth over this time, and much of these gains can be attributed to the utilization of Brokertrain in our new employee training process. I am hiring more new associates, and I need to add more users to our subscription! "

James Hoffer
President, Warren Transport

" Hubtek has helped us navigate the waters of running a fast-growing transportation business. Their knowledge and expertise have helped us become a better company and more importantly better people. They invested in our long-term success and growth. Their knowledge and experience in the business have made them an invaluable asset to
ZMac Transportation. I would highly recommend that you get a coach and if you can you get Hubtek. Your business will thank you. "

Jeff McMahon
Former CEO Zmac Transportation

" Hubtek has been a valuable tool in helping our salespeople achieve and surpass their goals for 2017! By watching and listening individually, I believe this helps keep the individual more focused and attentive. Everyone learns in their own way and at different speeds. I believe it allows the salesperson to fully comprehend what they are hearing and seeing. Also gives each individual the opportunity to refer back to videos for refresher. My people learned valuable approaches to different scenarios they are presented every day. From personality selling to getting through the gatekeeper to overcoming objections. As well as continuously building long term relationships. Hubtek/TranStrategy and Brokertrain has been the best investment I have utilized since the inception of Infiniti Logistics in 2008. Multiple years of experience on all levels. Take advantage, I’m glad I did! "

Dave Gibbons
Owner, Infiniti Logistics

" Hubtek has brought the belief to our company and has been a catalyst for moving my business from $7M in sales to over $80M in a short period of time. "

Jim Becker
CEO, Becker Logistics

" Hubtek’s Brokertrain has become an essential tool in our business .We have employees at our company that have been in the brokerage business ranging from new to 20 plus years and with that experience comes habits… good and bad. Brokertrain has helped open the minds of even our most tenured employees to ideas that helped them progress in our company focus. In addition to each employees role , Brokertrain’ s courses cover the entire brokerage business from Operations to Sales to Marketing and Leadership giving each employee a look and ultimately respect to each other’s role. I would recommend brokertrain to anyone looking to learn and take their freight brokerage to the next level. "

Greg Finnerty
Operations Manager, Concept Intl Transportation Inc

" Hubtek has a great insight into the transportation industry and delivers a highly motivational coaching program using clear and concise methods. Their coaches not only help you get to the next level but beyond. I would recommend Hubtek to any 3PL looking for that focus or direction to move beyond their current state. "

Keith Bahler
President at Bahler Transportation Services Inc

" Although I have known of Hubtek’s reputation for a number of years, I have only been working with them for a little over a year. During that time, they have helped me define my business goals and develop a strategy to expand sales to match those goals. It's great to have a sounding board with the experience and knowledge they have in my industry. I have found great value in my experiences with them and would highly recommend the services to any business in any industry. "

Bardel Bybee
President at Mid-Pacific Transportation, Inc.

Great online broker training class Hubtek! I really enjoyed the course! Extremely informative, organized presentations with charts, graphs, end of chapter summaries etc. They’re straight to the point and simple to understand. Interesting topics covered like sales and operations, effective negotiating, understanding pricing, building relationships, U.S. DOT regulatory compliances just to name a few. The instructors Joel and Wade covered everything from A to Z. They are great instructors and the best part they have experience in the industry. I found this course to be very informative. Each section builds on to the next section/subject matter, which provides great building blocks to help you understand the entire scope from a broker’s perspective. This is definitely a must take course for any individuals or companies who want to learn and understand how to apply what you’ve learned in order to perform successfully as a freight broker/agent in such a fast paced industry. Thanks guys, highly impressed!

Trenna Green
Sales Executive, JH Rose

" Joel at Hubtek has been a great mentor for me for several years. Great business coach! "

Connie Banks
CEO at CBT, Inc

" I feel as though the Hubtek’s Brokertrain Courses should be a must to anyone going into the freight brokerage world. They are not only informative but also extremely helpful whether you are new to the industry or a 10 year veteran. I strongly suggest these courses! "

Mike Fowler
Operations, NRG Management