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An Intelligent Process Automation Technology and Virtual Assistant Tailored For The Logistics Industry


TABi in Numbers

Less Costs Than Manual
More Accuracy
Times Faster Than Manual

What is Automation?

Automation is taking a manual process and making it happen automatically using different technologies.


What is TABi?

TABi is an Automation Platform and Virtual Assistant tailored for transportation companies and aimed to solve long-standing problems in the logistics industry. TABi is designed to streamline manual and labor intensive processes in the logistics industry.

How TABi works?

Through a strategic combination of different technologies, including Intelligent Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, OCR, Web Services, Intelligent Portals, and Partners Integrations.

Benefits of TABi

Scalability & Growth

By Utilizing TABi you are able to easily and quickly replicate your processes, and achieve flexible and exponential growth as your volumes increase


Automation exponentially increases your process accuracy, saving your company the hassle of dealing with errors.

Processes & Training

When automating, you are defining a clear path and setting clear rules for your process, increasing the reliability of your results and allowing faster and easier training of new employees.

Happy Workforce

Allow your employees to do more in less time, freeing their time to grow your revenue pipeline.

TABi Solutions

Customized TABi

Customized Intelligent Process Automation and Virtual Assistant. 

Allows brokerages to automate the processes enclosed in the life cycle of a load and to automate a customized process, like billing.

Not all processes can be fully automated, therefore you will need an assessment of the process.

TABi Connect

An automation platform designed for the logistics industry, enabling brokerages to automate Rate Quoting, Load Building, and Carrier Sourcing. Allowing companies to increase accuracy and load count while decreasing transaction cost.

The Best Match
TABi + Talent

Hubtek is a workforce optimization solutions provider for transportation companies. We optimize your workforce through our co-managed talent, intelligent automation, and growth acceleration platform.

By contracting our outsourcing talent services, your contracted talent will have access to our TABi Connect platform of Freight Quoting, Load Entry, or Carrier Sourcing virtual assistant, to use it to generate exponential growth in your company!

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