A partnership for success

Accelerator program

You become a Hubtek member customer by signing up for our accelerator program with at least one person.

We co-employ motivated, bilingual and educated people to work with your company in different roles and positions. They go through a rigorous training process to get up to speed on the transportation industry.

How you benefit from hiring our accelerators

  • Able to switch accelerators with no penalty

  • No long term commitments

  • Able to upgrade or downgrade the contract

  • Access to network tools and other member capabilities

Expand your company

without expanding your infrastructure

Other programs



Two different levels of engagement: direct or corporate

We have exclusively designed a program to help Freight Agents boost their book of business by becoming a Hubtek member customer. Both the broker and the agent benefits from having some or all of the operational legwork performed from a satellite office in Colombia whilst the agents can spend their time enhancing their client relationships. The programs can be customized for both Cradle-to-grave brokerage setups and departmental brokerage setups

Two different levels of engagement:

  1. Agenthub Direct: Each program is carefully crafted for each agency and we deal with the agency directly.
  2. Agenthub Corporate: Each program is holistically designed and applied for the entire agent network with direct involvement from the freight broker in each initiative.


A crafted profitable distributorship / referral program

We have crafted a profitable distributorship/referral program for Logistics recruiting firms in North America. By partnering up with Hubtek, staffing and recruitment firms get access to a pool of highly talented employees at very affordable costs allowing them to enhance their current and new customers relationships through a robust sourcing engine.

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