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Learn how Hubtek's cost-cutting optimizations are the right fit

Sep 8 2020

Cost Cutting Done Right

Written By: Joel McGinley    Cost-cutting is not so much about how much money you can save. It is more about how much value you can create through improved efficiency and improved processes.  Efficiency and ease of use have to be at the core of who you are, and developing programs and systems that are easy to…

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Read how utilizing stories about your workforce's culture is key to employee satisfaction

Sep 1 2020

Build your culture with stories

Written By: Joel McGinley    Stories tie us to the past of our business, explain our current state, and help us reach our desired state. You can use those stories to help build a positive, growth-oriented, collaborative culture in your company.  If you’re the founder of one of the early employees in your business, are you sharing…

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Are you differentiating your business from your competitors?

Aug 25 2020

Differentiate Your Business From Its Competitors

Written By: Joel McGinley    There are three basic ways to position or differentiate your business from its competitors:   1. Be a market leader. Choose a particular market and focus on being the leader in that market.  2. Be unique. Offer something no one else or just a few shippers do.  3. Be a price leader. Focus…

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Aug 18 2020

10 Steps to Profit from Process Improvement

Written By: Joel McGinley    Is anyone interested in growth? Having your employees feel important and involved in decision making for the minimal expense and maximum value?  Make the investment in a process improvement team and see how well this will work for you.  A process improvement team (PIT) is a group of workers who…

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Aug 5 2020

Why Your Sales Training Failed

Written By: Mike Temple  At TranStrategy & Hubtek, we do a lot of sales training and we have a high success rate. We know sales training can significantly improve sales in an organization.  However, not all sales training works. This article is about why your sales training didn’t work The Feel Good Intervention    Sales training is the feel-good intervention. When a…

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Jul 28 2020

Get the most out of the Meeting-After-The-Meeting

Written By: Steve Fernlund  There are two kinds of meetings in your business, the planned meeting and the meeting-after-the-meeting. One you can control, but the other you need to aware of too.  To make planned meetings more effective you should have a written agenda-even for your periodic sales and staff meetings.  Without an agenda, and a preset length…

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Read Hubtek's blog on advanced compensation tips to maximize productivity

Apr 16 2020


ADVANCED COMPENSATION TIPS TO MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY Written By: Hubtek Hubtek and Prosperio Group held a joint webinar on December 5, 2019 to talk about the Top 6 Compensation Mistakes to Avoid. At the end of the webinar, we did a Q&A session with the attendees. Here are a couple questions that came up. By Beth…

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Check out Hubtek's blog about running a successful inbound marketing strategy

Feb 21 2020

How to Run a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

How to Run a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy Written By: Hubtek Many small to mid-sized freight brokers have a sales team which typically consists of one or two people making cold calls a couple hours per day. These salespeople usually have limited success because their strategy is inefficient. Think about it – how many telemarketers…

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Read Hubtek's blog on how to attract top talent with these six practices

Feb 21 2020

Attract Top Talent With These 6 Practices

Attract Top Talent With These 6 Practices Written By: Hubtek Last week, we talked about how to retain top talent. But how do we attract top talent in the first place? Once a job opens up, you might imagine the perfect candidate waltzing past reception and straight into your office ready to go – a…

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Feb 21 2020

Planning Your Talent and Technology Requirements for 2020 and Beyond

Planning Your Talent and Technology Requirements for 2020 and Beyond Written By: Hubtek With unemployment expected to be at 3.7% in 2020, there is no doubt that we have a labor shortage in the logistics industry. For companies that want to grow, they often find themselves frustrated at the difficulty of finding and retaining quality…

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Aug 22 2019

How Effective Is Your Marketing Plan?

Cold calling. It’s the go to method for reaching leads. Most small to medium freight brokers have a few salespeople always on the phone, dialing away. However, more often than not these same companies do not have well-developed marketing programs. Lead outreach is important, no doubt, but building brand awareness is equally important to growing…

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Aug 1 2019

4 Leadership Characteristics to Combat Entitlement

Entitlement – the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. Every day someone is trying to find a way into your success. Other brokers are trying to become the transportation provider of choice for your best customers. Some team members are trying to show that they have the skills to replace…

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