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Aug 27 2021

Preparing to Grow Successfully in the Logistics Industry: Part 1

The main objective of any business is to grow, generate profit and be successful. Nevertheless, very few companies are preparing their business to BE successful and to handle that growth. Lack of preparation can easily become one of the main factors of long-term failure.    Challenges like missing deadlines, missed quotes, late billing or re-billing due…

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Aug 13 2021

Hubtek Announces the Official Opening of Two New Offices in Colombia

We are proud to announce the opening of our two new offices, in Bogota and Barranquilla.  As we keep up with our rapid growth and expansion, this allows us to serve a broader audience of customers and contribute as an employer in more Colombian communities.    Last Monday, August 2nd,  we invited our team members to live #TheHubtekExperience by sharing a workday in our new offices.  We had such an excellent time celebrating and sharing this workday with our colleagues, and we know that this was the first of many to come as we continue to grow!   In our new offices, we will continue providing solutions that meet the needs of the Logistics Industry in North America, through a combination of unparalleled industry training, professional onsite management, technology applications, and world-class, bilingual talent.   Contact us! About Hubtek: Hubtek is a workforce optimization provider for the Logistics Industry of North America. With over 45 years of combined experience, Hubtek has the right ingredients to build your outsourced branch, increase and…

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Jun 30 2021

Launching TABi Connect 2.0

At Hubtek, we have been developing a virtual assistant and automation platform that through a strategic combination of different technologies, including Intelligent Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, OCR, Web services, Intelligent Portals, and Partners Integrations, provides a powerful solution specialized in the Logistics and Transportation Industry processes.   TABi Connect is a platform designed to enable brokerages to automate the following processes: Rate Quoting, Load Building, and Carrier Sourcing – allowing brokerages to increase accuracy…

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Jun 24 2021

Ways to Achieve Greater Productivity and Cut Costs

Companies must focus on three essential questions when thinking about productivity and cost savings.  “How can we get more out of our existing employees?”  “How do we come up with a strategy that involves hiring lower cost, high-quality labor?” and, “How can we apply technology to minimize the need for labor?”   Improving Efficiency is not necessarily the same as reducing costs. Sometimes you have to invest in your business to make it more efficient.  …

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Jun 17 2021

Why Does Traditional Cost Cutting Fail?

Traditional cost-cutting fails in many companies. So how do you get the most out of your company? This is one of the most common questions that Joel McGinley, Managing Director of Hubtek, regularly receives.   It’s not so much about how much money you can save, but more about how much value you can create. Joel McGinley, Hubtek/TranStrategy Partners Managing Director The real problem…

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Blog Post - Coaching, Training, Planning and Networking

May 29 2021

Introducing ProfitQuest

Introducing ProfitQuest Growth Acceleration Platform for the Logistics & Transportation Industry Hubtek has taken TranStrategy Partner’s 18 years of successful coaching and training experience and turned it into a complete online growth acceleration platform called ProfitQuest.  Through the years, we have observed a common challenge faced by pretty much every business and industry out there, which is “how to…

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Read Hubtek's blog on advanced compensation tips to maximize productivity

Apr 16 2020


ADVANCED COMPENSATION TIPS TO MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY Written By: Hubtek Hubtek and Prosperio Group held a joint webinar on December 5, 2019 to talk about the Top 6 Compensation Mistakes to Avoid. At the end of the webinar, we did a Q&A session with the attendees. Here are a couple questions that came up. By Beth…

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Check out Hubtek's blog about running a successful inbound marketing strategy

Feb 21 2020

How to Run a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

How to Run a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy Written By: Hubtek Many small to mid-sized freight brokers have a sales team which typically consists of one or two people making cold calls a couple hours per day. These salespeople usually have limited success because their strategy is inefficient. Think about it – how many telemarketers…

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Read Hubtek's blog on how to attract top talent with these six practices

Feb 21 2020

Attract Top Talent With These 6 Practices

Attract Top Talent With These 6 Practices Written By: Hubtek Last week, we talked about how to retain top talent. But how do we attract top talent in the first place? Once a job opens up, you might imagine the perfect candidate waltzing past reception and straight into your office ready to go – a…

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Feb 21 2020

Planning Your Talent and Technology Requirements for 2020 and Beyond

Planning Your Talent and Technology Requirements for 2020 and Beyond Written By: Hubtek With unemployment expected to be at 3.7% in 2020, there is no doubt that we have a labor shortage in the logistics industry. For companies that want to grow, they often find themselves frustrated at the difficulty of finding and retaining quality…

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Aug 22 2019

How Effective Is Your Marketing Plan?

Cold calling. It’s the go to method for reaching leads. Most small to medium freight brokers have a few salespeople always on the phone, dialing away. However, more often than not these same companies do not have well-developed marketing programs. Lead outreach is important, no doubt, but building brand awareness is equally important to growing…

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Aug 1 2019

4 Leadership Characteristics to Combat Entitlement

Entitlement – the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. Every day someone is trying to find a way into your success. Other brokers are trying to become the transportation provider of choice for your best customers. Some team members are trying to show that they have the skills to replace…

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