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Co-Managed Talent

Build your satellite office with ease!


Do you need more people, but local talent is hard to find, too expensive, or not qualified? Let Hubtek take care of it for you by setting up a satellite office in Colombia. Through a combination of unparalleled industry training, professional management, and world-class talent, we've got the right ingredients to build your outsourced branch. 

Co-Managed Talent

Our Co-managed talent solution is more than just staffing!

Co-Managed Talent in Numbers

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All You Need To Know

Co-Managed Talent Benefits

The benefits of working with us.


From ProfitQuest, our talent will have access to unparalleled industry training. Hundreds of operations and sales training modules focused on the skill development of the individual.

Professional Management

With us you will have a management team accompanying you, supervising the accomplishment of your KPIs and encouraging your outsourced talent development.


From TABi, our talent will have access to cutting-edge technology created specifically for the Logistics Industry, (The basic plan of Freight Quoting or Load Entry automation technology), to use to generate exponential growth in your company. 

World Class Talent 

At Hubtek, we live, breathe, and eat logistics. By outsourcing with a company that operates solely in the North American logistics industry, you get the benefit of knowing that your remote workforce is surrounded by experienced professionals. 

Time Zone 

Nearshoring means that your satellite office is really not that far away. Being a nearshore staffing company for North America, our satellite office is going to be always in a similar time zone to yours.

Scalable Team

Scalable team, flexible to your needs. You can start with one employee and scale up from there as you need it.

The Best Match
TABi + Talent

Hubtek is a workforce optimization solutions provider for Transportation Companies. We optimize your workforce through our co-managed talent, intelligent automation, and growth acceleration platform.

By contracting our Outsourcing talent services, your contracted talent will have access to our basic TABi connect plan of Freight Quoting, Load Entry (Add-on), or Carrier Sourcing virtual assistant, to use it to generate exponential growth in your company!

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