At Hubtek, we use a system of co-management for your office in Colombia. So, what exactly is co-management? I’m glad you asked.

Co-management is a management style that facilitates the growth of a remote team run by a third party. A manager from the third-party company actively communicates with the home office to align KPIs and goals. Additionally, they send weekly reports to the home office to keep track of the performance of the remote employees.

This approach to management is hugely beneficial for outsourcing. Some outsourcing outfits might set you up with an employee working out of her home, or someone who has no training or experience. With a co-management system, not only do you get an outsourced team, you also get an experienced manager who actively communicates with your team to align KPIs and goals while also making plans for the employee.

We call our onsite managers, hubmasters. Our hubmasters are experienced professionals who value clarity and proactivity. They will proactively communicate with your home office to completely understand your expectations and goals. They will encourage and support your remote team to do their absolute best and ensure top productivity.

At Hubtek, you can rest assured your remote Colombian office is in good hands.

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