In the transportation business we engage in relationship selling when we sell our service to customers. Relationship selling is the type of sales in which the primary objective is building long-term relationships with customers from which repeat business flows. We are looking for repeat business and this only comes from developing a long-term relationship.

Most long-term relationships are defined by three components:

  • Intimacy
  • Passion
  • Commitment

These same components define a business relationship as well.

So, how do we develop these components in a business relationship?

In a business relationship, intimacy is about getting to know your customer’s business, understanding their needs, and providing solutions to meet those needs. You need to be active in the development of your relationship, it does not come to you. Be assumptive, believing that the customers want to develop the relationship as much as you.

In a business relationship, you must exhibit a passionate desire for your customer’s business. There is no time to be shy about making the customer feel like you want their business. With this desire, show a boundless enthusiasm. This will make a major difference if you are enthusiastic about their business and needs. Be willing to suffer for the customers by putting their needs first.

In a business relationship, commitment is defined by delivering a message that makes a pledge of sincere and steadfast purpose. That is, do what you say you will do, be sincere in doing it, and do whatever it takes to deliver on your pledge. This is what defines commitment, builds trust, and delivers a statement of passion for your customer.

With intimacy, passion, and commitment you can make a tremendous difference in the relationships you have with your customers and prospects, resulting in deeper trust and more business.

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