Knowledge and skills development are vital to the health of any organization. We live in an information age. Therefore, an organization’s ability to manage and process information plays a key role in its overall success. The people within the organization must have the skills to organize, disseminate, and retain information.

Training is one of the chief methods of properly utilizing this intellectual capital. Every employee should have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill level in order to become more efficient, more effective, and more productive in their job. This produces many benefits for them personally as well as for the overall organization.

It is common for organizations to think of training strictly in terms of an on-boarding process for new employees. Although this is a valuable and necessary function of training, it should not stop there. Oftentimes, employees are left to continue learning on their own – by watching other employees, asking questions, or through trial and error. The most effective organizations, however, will provide some type of ongoing training, continuing education, or professional development program in order to maximize the employee’s potential.

Here are some typical benefits of a professional development program:

  1. Professional development ensures that your employees maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills they need to deliver professional services to your customers, clients, and the community
  2. Professional development helps your employees stay relevant and up-to-date. The pace of change is faster today than it’s ever been. If you stand still, you get left behind. Therefore, it is mandatory that employees keep pace with the current trends, directions, and standards in their industry.
  3. Professional development allows employees to increase their knowledge base. As this happens, they become more effective. This, in turn, will help them advance in their careers by moving into new positions where they can lead, manage, and influence others in a positive way.
  4. Professional development opens employees up to new ways of thinking. Experience is a great teacher, but it often means continuing to do the same things in the same way. Professional development will help them discover new ideas and methodologies that may prove to be faster, more efficient, and even more cost effective.
  5. Professional development will enhance a sense of team in your work environment. As people begin learning the same content, they begin thinking more cohesively, speaking the same language, and augmenting each other rather than miscommunicating and running over each other all the time.
  6. Professional development will boost employee satisfaction. When employees can do their jobs more effectively, they grow more confident. This new level of confidence leads to an overall increased level of satisfaction with their job, which leads to an increased level of retention within your company.
  7. When you offer professional development opportunities, you are enhancing your overall reputation as an employer that cares about and invests in its workforce. Remember, your employees are your brand ambassadors. When they receive professional development, they will reflect all that’s good about your organization.
  8. Have a well-developed professional development program will attract quality candidates. If applicants know there is the potential to raise their skill level and compensation at your company, you are more likely to attract top level candidates.
  9. Professional development programs will help enhance your company’s culture. Along with creating a greater sense of team, continuing education exposes employees to new experiences and keeps them engaged in their work. This building of enthusiasm among staff will engender a sense of loyalty that greatly affects the work environment in a positive way.
  10. Professional development programs can help the development of future leaders in your organization. If you are interested in the possibility of promoting within, helping people to grow through a professional development program can be a good way to see who rises to the top.

Here at Hubtek, ongoing professional development is one of the keys to our success. We continuously work with your accelerators to help them get better at their jobs, ensuring success for them and your company.

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