Relationship selling is all about establishing long-term connections with your customers in order to generate repeat business for your company. It also minimizes the need to constantly market your services to potential new customers.

Three basic elements are essential to building and maintaining relationships with your customers: intimacy, passion, and commitment. If your business is going to succeed, these elements need to be integral parts of your business culture. Today, we are going to focus on what it means to have intimacy in business.

Intimacy in business? You are probably wondering, “What does that mean?” In your personal life, intimacy is about getting to know someone at a deeper level. It is the same in business. Building business intimacy means getting to know all about a potential customer – their goals, who they serve, the conditions within which they operate, and so on. It also involves developing a deep understanding of the needs of the customer.

Building business intimacy is not a passive process; it doesn’t just happen. That’s because most businesses are not going to call you up to say, “I want to tell you all about me and my needs.” Instead, you will have to ask a lot of questions to find this out. When you do, you will not only get the information you need to determine if your business can help satisfy a customer’s needs, but you will also demonstrate that you care about the customer. In turn, this will make it more likely that they will want to listen to what you say. You will be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors in their eyes. So, don’t be shy about asking customers a lot of questions when you are going after their business. And remember that you can ask the questions in a light-hearted way. In fact, if you are super serious, you may scare off your customers.

Pro tip: although building business intimacy is something your salespeople should be doing, it is also something that everyone in your company should do. Everyone needs to stay attuned to the needs of your customers and do whatever they can to meet those needs.

People like it when you care about them. Business are just organizations filled with people trying to make a profit. Ask about their needs, goals, who they serve, and aspects that help you understand them on a deeper level. With that deeper understanding, you will better serve your customers.

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