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Workforce Optimization


Hubtek is leading provider of task automation and outsourced talent in the logistics industry. Our approach is simple - we set up virtual assistants to assist you with your repetitive, high volume tasks and, if needed, set you up with your own Colombian-based satellite office. 


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Oct 28 2021

Hubtek Launches Tabi-Connect For Revenova TMS To Automate Repetitive Tasks With Instant API Connections.

How do we actively innovate and disrupt the industry? With increased freight volumes and a difficult hiring market, transportation companies ...
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Oct 15 2021

Hubtek Announces its Recognition as a 2022 FreightWaves FreightTech 100 Company!

At Hubtek, we are proud to announce that we have been chosen, for the second year in a row, as a 2022 FreightWaves FreightTech 100 company! This recognition celebrates the ...
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Hubtek was formed by Joel McGinley, the Managing Director of TranStrategy Partners, and Ricky Gonzalez, a spirited entrepreneur who's managed Colombian talent teams working in the U.S. market. 

Together, they've envisioned a world-class tech and talent firm offering automation, outsourced talent, and effective training in the logistics industry. With over 45 years of combined experience solving complex business and transportation problems, they've developed highly effective growth strategies for success. 

Come be part of an innovative network of companies utilizing automation tools and world-class talent to transform and optimize their workforce.


Our results speak for themselves

We've done it.

Years of



30+ years of experience in the logistics industry.




400+ successful engagements with transportation companies.

Years of



25+ years of experience building & managing BPO services and satellite offices in Colombia.



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Hubtek's biggest asset is our people. Discover how working with us will help you to achieve your full potential and make an impact while working in a fun and fast-paced environment.

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We love our clients, and we strive to have complete transparency in our business. You are always welcome to Colombia not only to see our operations, but also experience the local culture, cuisine, and the friendly Colombian people. After all, one of the benefits of partnering with a Colombian company is getting to visit an exotic destination, plan your trip today!



"I am halfway through the extensive offering of training modules provided by Brokertrain. As a senior person with extensive experience in staff management and development I can say first hand that this training product is great value. Each module builds on the previous therefore reinforcing the learning of the business fundamentals and skills. Whether a person is new or experienced, there is something to be gained. It is at the very least a fantastic refresher however I suspect no one person would have all the skills and learning's
offered. I would recommend this to any 3PL looking to grow their business and or staff accordingly."

Lorraine Koehler
HR and Compliance for DSN
Chemical Transportation

"I am As the sales manager of a young 3PL, I am constantly trying to find new information or training that can help to give our company any kind of an edge over the competition. Brokertrain is a great asset for that. There is so much knowledge and information in the online courses. From Customer Service to Pricing to Sales to Marketing. I have not make it all the way through them all yet but I would recommend Brokertrain to any sales person who is willing to invest in themselves. Great price, Great Value."

Aaron Schweitzer
Sales Manager-Chief Problem Solver
Legion Logistics

"Thanks so much! Your training is always such a breath of fresh air! I want to turn on the theme song from Rocky and conquer the world! Your techniques have really made a difference in my approach the last few days and made MY job soooo much more enjoyable! I really appreciate your knowledge, especially that you are associated with the industry rather than a generalized method. I look forward to the next training. I am determined to hit the 100K club next month!"

Jamie Ray
Sales Account Manager
Cargo Chief, Inc.

"I have to tell you I think the trainings are awesome!!! I’ve gone through both the customer service and just started on relationship building, these trainings are loaded with valuable information and I’m very happy we purchased these for the employees. Very well put together and easy to understand, great job!"

Shana Monroe
Operations Manager
Sunteck Transport